Metaxas’ early years

Ioannis Metaxas was born in Ithaca on April 12, 1871. His family roots traced back to the Byzantine nobility based in Constantinople. The head of the Metaxas family was Markos Antonios, who was advisor and co-warrior of the Byzantine emperor Konstantinos Palaiologos. After the […]

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ioannis metaxas prime minister-greece

In Memory of Ioannis Metaxas

On January 29, 1941 one of Modern Hellas’ greatest leaders, Ioannis Metaxas, passed away. Born on the island of Ithaki (Ithaca) on the 12 of April 1871 and raised in Kefalonia, Metaxas was a student at the Military Academy in […]

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John Metaxas: Bone and Gristle

In Belgrade last fortnight a German medical specialist boarded a fast Greek military plane for Athens. The chief surgeon of the British Mediterranean Fleet was rushing simultaneously in the same direction. Both were bound for the bedside of Greece’s Premier, […]

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ioannis metaxas eyes

Ioannis Metaxas

Ioannis Metaxas is among the most prominent personalities in modern Greek history, but outside Greece he is quite an unknown figure. What follows here is a short biography of Metaxas, intended to be a quick overview of him and certainly […]

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Greek fascists

The EON – The Greek fascist youth of Metaxas

Given the limits on his personal power as dictator and a lack of a social base for his regime, Metaxas turned to the example set by the contemporary fascist regimes, deciding that the creation of a youth movement on the […]

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Greece and Romania in 1939

In this article, Professor Cristian Muntianu explains the relationship between Metaxas’ Greece and Romania in the wake of the WW2. The ending of ’30 years represented for Europe and for the world the outbreak of the Second World War. In this […]

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The Ministers of the Metaxas Government

The Metaxas government lasted from 13 April 1936 to 29 April 1941. During these 5 years, there were quite a few changes in ministers.  DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: Konstantinos ZAVITSIANOS 5.8.1936 – 22.1.1937 MINISTER OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS: Georgios LOGOTHETIS (14.3 – 18.5.1936) Theodoros […]

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Οι Υπουργοί της δικτατορίας Μεταξά

ΚΥΒΕΡΝΗΣΗ ΜΕΤΑΞΑ (13.4.1936 – 29.1.1941) ΑΝΤΙΠΡΟΕΔΡΟΣ: Κωνσταντίνος ΖΑΒΙΤΣΙΑΝΟΣ 5.8.1936-22.1.1937 ΥΠΟΥΡΓΟΣ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ: Γεώργιος ΛΟΓΟΘΕΤΗΣ (14.3-18.5.1936) Θεόδωρος ΣΚΥΛΑΚΑΚΗΣ (18.5-26.12.1936) Ευριπίδης ΜΑΓΙΑΚΟΣ (26.12.1936-13.2.1937) Κωνσταντίνος ΜΑΝΙΑΔΑΚΗΣ (13.2.1937-15.5.1937) Ιωάννης ΔΟΥΡΕΝΤΗΣ (15.5.1937-20.4.1941) ΥΦΥΠΟΥΡΓΟΣ: Κωνσταντίνος ΜΠΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ (23.3.-5.8.1936) Υφυπουργός ΑΓΟΡΑΝΟΜΙΑΣ: Ευριπίδης ΜΑΓΙΑΚΟΣ (6.8-26.12.1936) Υφυπουργός ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ: Κωνσταντίνος ΜΑΝΙΑΔΑΚΗΣ (14.8.1936-2.6.1941) […]

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Hymns from the Metaxas Era

“Giati xairetai o kosmos” Hymn of the 4th of August regime Lyrics: T. Moraitinis. Mousic: Ger. Fren Giati xairetai o kosmos kai xamogelaei, patera, giati lampei o hlios etsi giati feggei etsi h mera? Giati san avth, paidi mou, thn […]

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