The Metaxas dictatorship

Petty politics in Greece and the so-called National Schism divided Greek politics and society in the mid-1930s. A number of coups d’état and sudden changes of governments led King George to choose General Metaxas to head a new government in 1936. […]

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third hellenic civilization

The past in Metaxas’ ideology

In his The Past is a Foreign Country (Cambridge 1985), David Lowenthal has demonstrated that whether by celebrating some of its aspects [or] expunging others, we reshape the past in line with present needs. Forty-three years earlier, the future kyvernitis […]

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Old ‘About this project’ page from 2007

For the curious, this is the old description of the project from 2007: I created the Metaxas Project some years ago as the logical consequence of my interest in Metaxas, an interest which emerged as a consequence of myself being of Kefalonian […]

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