Neon Kratos

To Neon Kratos

“To Neon Kratos” (“The New State”) was the semi-official ideological journal of the 4th of August State, through which the regime tried to promote the ideas of its intellectuals on politics, social philosophy, history and art (plastic arts, music, theatre, literature). The […]

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Konstantinos Maniadakis, the Greek Himmler

Konstantinos Maniadakis (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Μανιαδάκης) was a Greek Army officer and politician who became notorious as the formidably efficient chief of the internal Security Services of the 4th of August Regime (1936–1941). He was born in Sofiko, Corinthia, on 25 July […]

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The Greek police in the 4th of August regime

The Greek police played a vital role in maintaining Metaxas’ dictatorship, as nο political party was available for this purpose. Nor was the Army, slnce its loyalty lay to the Κing, who believed -with Metaxas’ agreement- that it should stay […]

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