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A much needed explanation on the Metaxas Project website’s purpose, history and objectives.

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Metaxas posters 4th of August Greece

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The Metaxas Project is an independent, online-based, research project focusing on the study of the history and philosophy of the fascist regime which existed in Greece in the 1930s called “The Fourth of August” and which was led by General Ioannis Metaxas.

In this website you will find wide and deep information about General Metaxas, his world-view and the totalitarian regime he established.

Since 2000, this website has become the Internet’s largest and most authoritative source and resource site for everything Metaxas. Through articles, news, insights, reports, pictures of Metaxas and the 4th of August regimevideose-booklets, essays and opinion, the site brings forth a reliable, in-depth and voluminous database covering all aspects of the Metaxas dictatorship.

The website is constantly updated, so those interested in the period of fascism in Greece are strongly encouraged to access the website on a regular basis. It is continously developing towards a mammoth resource site.

It’s a historical research project and certainly not a political website with any hidden agenda (in fact, on it you’ll find articles from the whole political spectrum). In other words, it’s a non-political website researching the 4th of August regime. Needless to say, the Metaxas Project is not affiliated with any organization or entity, nor do we solicit donations from such.

Its aim is to compose a narrative focusing on the entire history of the 4th of August regime and make available, on a non-profit basis, primary and secondary documents to the wider public, in order to foster the prodution of original scholarship.

The project’s intention is to cast light on a period which has in the past been a subject sorely in need of exposure, exploration and research.

– Andreas Markessinis, Metaxas Project (metaxas.project@gmail.com)

Psst! This project began as a personal initiative of Andreas Markessinis. Click here to read the old ‘About this project’ page.