Scans of a book by Spyros Linardatos

Scans of a book by the Kefalonian-born journalist, writer and historian Spyros Linardatos (Σπύρος Λιναρδάτος). A conscious leftist, he wrote several books about the 4th of August regime.

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A letter from Metaxas’ wife

This is a touching note written in long hand by Lela Metaxas, widow of Metaxas, about the days leading up to the Italian ultimatum on 28 October 1940, in which, among other things, she reports, “Eight days before 28 October […]

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Extracts from Metaxas’ diary

– Collected by Ioannis Fidanakis “The English tried to obstruct the landing of Greek troops in Crete, and the European press is unfriendly. SInce Europe wishes to prevent our national integration, we should forment a general revolt in Turkey, and […]

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