Metaxas Project website’s history

Since year 2000, the Metaxas-Project website has been the Internet’s largest and most venerable website about Ioannis Metaxas and especially about the 4th of August regime.

For nearly 12 years now, it’s been bringing light to one of the most obscure periods of modern Greek history. Throughout these years, some have said it’s an apologetical website – it might be, as well as critical website too. If you read carefully, you’ll notice that there are as many negative accounts of the Metaxas era as positive ones. The truth might be somewhere in-between.

Here are some screenshots from the website’s historical past since year 2000:


Metaxas website 2000-2003

Website between 2000-2003

Metaxas website 2003-2006

Website between 2003-2006

Metaxas website 2006-2008

Website between 2006-2008

Metaxas website 2008-Today

Website between 2008-Today