Metaxas’ quotes on the importance of sports

“When you make your body robust, don’t forget that your soul will also become robust”

“The bases for the reform of the New Greek Generation: I want one Youth: Healthy, Strong and Athletic”

“Greek traditional sport will become one of the bases of the Greek reconstruction”

“Now you, young athletes, men and women, who came here with purpose not in pursuing international records, nor victory in world competitions, but with internal purposes to create a new Greek youth, based and built on healthy bodies which form the basis for strong souls, to serve not just any purpose or ideal, but rather certain goals and ideals which represent the current national state. Now you draw on the ancient ideal”

“First of all, I want all of you to build tough bodies. It’s impossible to create a family when your bodies are sick and weak”

“You young athletes, who in your sweat will irrigate this stadium and will be forced into a noble emulation in order to create robust bodies, never forget (…) that discipline which had been taught and practiced by our common ancestors, the discipline of the Spartans, is the one that makes nations strong. When you make your body strong here, do not forget that your soul will be robust as well”

“The health and strength of Greek citizens is the basis of the progress, the joy, the happiness and the general recreation of Greece”