Older website updates (2000-2007)

 Here is a list of older updates on the website. Links may not work because they refer to older versions of this website that are no longer available.


——–——– 2007 UPDATES ——–——–

March 25th, 2007

An article from Time magazine, John Metaxas: bone and gristle, has been added. Also an article in Greek called “1940: ΤΟ ΟΧΙ ΤΟ ΕΙΠΕ Ο ΦΑΣΙΣΤΑΣ ΜΕΤΑΞΑΣ!”. Also links to 3 new Metaxas-related videos hosted at Youtube.com have been added.

——–——– 2006 UPDATES ——–——–

August 21st, 2006

I’ve been pretty busy with the final steps on my book “La Grecia Fascista” (which will be available for purchase in a few weeks) so I haven’t had much time to update the Metaxas Project’s website. However I have just added 3 new articles ( Η 68Η ΕΠΕΤΕΙΟΣ ΤΗΣ 4Ης ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΟΥ, Greece and Romania in 1939 and 4η Αυγούστου 1936 – 4η Αυγούστου 2006) and the original text of the proclamation of Metaxas’ government in 1936 at the Resources.

May 16th, 2006

At the Resources section a new quote from Metaxas about the Greek race. Also at the Resources section a large quote by Metaxas about democracy has been added. Finally an article about Metaxas’ affinity towards the Greek folkish dialect dimotiko has been submitted to the Articles section.

April 2nd, 2006

A new audio file has been added. In this occasion it is the EON hymn “Giati Xairetai O Kosmos”.

March 14th, 2006

Most of the remaining untranslated sections (Galerie, Le Projet) of the French version at the Metaxas Project and Greek fascism website have been translated to French and have been posted. The French version of the site is thus nearly finished in its entirety.

March 6th, 2006

Finally the French version of the Metaxas Project website is near completion, at least when it comes to the Articles and Features sections. Two new articles (Bref récit de l’épopée grecque de 1940 and La «Ligne Metaxas» oubliée) in French have been translated.

March 4th, 2006

The French version of the Metaxas Project continues under way: I have added 2 more articles and I have created the French version of the Resources page, featuring 6 files. More coming soon!

March 1st, 2006

The building of the French version of the Metaxas Project continues under way: I have added 5 more articles in Français.

February 28th, 2006

I have begun building the French version of the Metaxas Project. 13 articles have been completely translated from either Grek or English into French. I am very excited by the support the Metaxas Project has obtained from France.

February 27th, 2006

Thanks to some French friends, I am very proud to announce that the Metaxas Project will soon have its French version available.

February 14th, 2006

I have created a new section for the Gallery section with new pictures from the Metaxas regime.

February 9th, 2006

3 new articles in Greek: Η 4η Αυγούστου στο διεθνή χώρο, Ηταν φασιστας ο Μεταξας; and Iωάννης Μεταξάς. And one new article (“Tο διαγγελμα του Πρωθυπουργου Ιωαννη Μεταξα”) for the Metaxas speeches part of the Resources section has been added.

January 29th, 2006

Today I am very proud to announce that my book on the period of Greek fascism (1936-1941) will be available for online purchase on August 4th, 2006. The English translation will follow some months later. If you would like to be e-mailed when the book is out, please visit pelekys.com.

January 26th, 2006

A very minor update. The forum has been cleansed of spammers, there is a new icon for this project (the labrys or pelekys) and one new article has been added, John Metaxas. Also the Metaxas articles section has been re-organized sorted by language. The most important notice, however, is that the Metaxas Project will proudly announce on the special date of January 29th (the 65 anniversary of Metaxas’ death) a very special project. Stay tuned.

——–——– 2005 UPDATES ——–——–

December 14th, 2005

Two new generic articles in Greek about Metaxas and his regime have been added: Βιογραφια του Ιωάννη Μεταξά and Ιωάννης Μεταξάς.

December 14th, 2005

The Gallery has been updated with three brand new sections called Portraits, Medals, and Documents which contain 30 new pictures of items from the Metaxas period.

October 28th, 2005

Coinciding with one of the two largest national holidays in Greece (Ochi Mera), which celebrates the day Metaxas and Greece as a whole said “No!” to the Italian aims to conquer Greece, three new articles about this issue have been published: Lest we forget the 28th October 1940 in English and 1940: ΤΟ ΟΧΙ ΤΟ ΕΙΠΕ Ο “ΦΑΣΙΣΤΑΣ” ΜΕΤΑΞΑΣ (“1940: The “No” was said by ‘fascist’ Metaxas”) and Αποσπάσματα και περιλήψεις από τον ιταλικό τύπο του 1940 in Greek.

October 25th, 2005

Yet again our contributor Miltiadis has translated another article from Greek to French, “Que fut la réalité sur les événements le soir du 4 août 1936″. Also a banner has been posted to announce a memorial to be held honouring Ioannis Metaxas, the man who said the “No!” that is celebrated in “Ochi Mera” (Day of the No”).

September 17th, 2005

Contributor Miltiadis has done an excllent work translating into French three articles written in Hellenic language. The articles may help French-speaking visitors to learn more easily about Metaxas. The articles are L’épopée d’une jeunesse, Régime de Metaxas: œuvres et caractéristiques de sa politique and Fascisme en Grèce.

August 30th, 2005

A very interesting article on the labrys or pelekys has been posted. The labrys was the ancient Greek (Minoan) symbol which Metaxas adopted for his regime, and especially for his National Youth Organization (EON).

July 1st, 2005

An adjust has been done to the website. The indepth articles which so far were available at the Special Feature section, now are located at the more proper Download area. Also, a special feature has been released today: a visually rich exploration of the Greek Italian 1940-1941 winter war, at the Special Features section.

May 1st, 2005

As you surely have noticed, the website has been completely revamped. This new template-based design loads faster, and improves usability and legibillity. Usability has also been given a boost. Along with the new interface, new stuff has been added; for instance, over 20 new pictures have been posted. Check all sections, additions have a NEW icon byside. Some new, well-worthvisiting parts have also been created from scratch. There is a new forum too. Some stuff has also been re-collocated for a more coherent and consistent navegability. I hope you’ll enjoy the new Metaxas Project website. Last but not least, the Fourth of August project has officially changed its name to the more simple (and catchy) name “Metaxas Project”. According to this, the project has also now its own domain, www.metaxas-project.com.

——–——– 2004 UPDATES ——–——–

November 16th, 2004

Just a little update to post one new article on the foundations of Greek Fascism and how it affected Metaxas’ regime.

October 28th, 2004

Today is a day of national celebration: Ochi Mera, the day o Arxigos Ioannis Metaxas pronounced his historic “Ochi” (Greek for “No!”). At the Fourth of August project we celebrate it with yet another update. It includes 3 new articles (2 in Hellenic, one in English), a whole chapter from a book on Metaxas (in English) at the Features section and we have also inaugurated the fourth part of the Gallery section with 6 new pictures.

September 11th, 2004

A major update: 4 new articles on several aspects of the Metaxas regime (which can be found at the Articles section) and 2 indepth studies, one in German about the E.O.N and the other one in Dutch about Metaxas’ historic context. Both can be found at the “Features” section.

August 4th, 2004

In the last weeks I have been working on an indepth study on the Metaxas years. Now the abstract is online at the Features section. This 12-pages study shall give an insight into the Fourth of August regime.

May 8th, 2004

After quite much time there is a new update on the project. 13 new pictures which are available at the Gallery section part III.

——–——– 2003 UPDATES ——–——–

October 28th, 2003

Today is Ochi Mera and at the FOURTH OF AUGUST project we celebrate it with a large update hich includes besides minor changes: 4 new wallpapers, 9 new pictures, 2 new articles and at last the propaganda section has been inaugurated with a flyer.

August 4th, 2003

Ok, the day has come.

Today the FOURTH OF AUGUST project honours the 4th of August date with a groundbreaking update, including:

  • Brand new design
  • 4 new complete areas (Archive, Downloads, Propaganda and Special Features)
  • 7 new articles (“What the enemy says”, “The forgotten Metaxas line”, “The Nature of the 4th of August Regime”, “Death of Metaxas”, “Metaxas’ episode in  few lines”, “Praises to Metaxas” and “How others saw Metaxas regime”)
  • 6 new documents (“Proclamation of the Fourth of August régime”, “I do not allow any simmering opposition to my will”, “A letter from Metaxas’ wife”, “The Ministers under Metaxas’ rule”, “Metaxas’ political testament” and “Speech to EON’s parents and teachers”)
  • 15 new pictures
  • The Speeches section largely expanded with many new quotes
  • New .mp3 files with speeches from Ioannis Metaxas (accounting over 30 MB of sound files)
  • 1 wholly-operative new mailing-list

July 4th, 2003

This update is not really an update but just an announcement: Next August 4th, coinciding with Metaxas’ glorious day and the Third Anniversary of this website, there will be a groundbreaking update which will leave the current website miles away.

April 22nd, 2003

Some minor changes have been applied, regarding the HTML encodings and some other graphic-related updates. The main thing is that the introductory text has been changed for a larger, deeper one.

——–——– 2002 UPDATES ——–——–

October 30th, 2002

Greek National Socialist party HRYSI AVGI honoured Metaxas’ memory last Oxi Mera 28th of October. Click here to see the pictures:


October 28th, 2002

Today Greeks from all over the world celebrate the National Day of Oxi Mera, “the Day of the No”, remembering the sharpening short answer our National hero Ioannis Metaxas told to Italy’s expansionist dreams over Greece. That day, 1940, Hellas stood strong and united as a fist to fight for freedom and sovereignity. Every 28th of October military and school parades are exhibited all over the country to show respect for the National values and the National independence of mighty Hellas.

October 23rd, 2002 

This time a really interesting update, as it encompasses both articles and pictures: first of all three new articles have been added at the Articles section, both written in Hellenic. Also 4 new full-coloured pictures have been uploaded onto the Pictures section Part II. Don’t miss them. See you soon!

October 15th, 2002

I have added a goodie which was pending for too long now: The Fourth of August project’s official wallpaper.

September 26th, 2002

I have done some minor changes on the website (links, architecture…) and also fixed up the bugs regarding the guestbook and the discussion forum. Both now work out ok. Besides two new deluxe articles have been added to the Articles section. One deals with the controversy over 1940’s war and the other one on the workers-friendly Metaxian policy. Both are in Hellenic language.

March 28th, 2002

I have added some new excerpts from speeches and scripts by Ioannis Metaxas to the Resources section. See the new line under the title Selected speeches from Ioannis Metaxas.

March 25st, 2002

To commemorate the rising of the Greek Revolution, I have added a new article. It’s called “O Krisimos Ianouarios  tou 1941″. Read it at the articles section.

February 25th, 2002 

I have done a new website design, which I hope to be better and more user-friendly. But the best new is that I have moved the website onto a new server, in which there are no advs, no popup banners and is extremely faster than the ones on which this page was previously allocated.

February 24th, 2002 

Two new articles added. The first is about the fact that many scholars and free-minded people in Greece think suspicious the lack of information and indepth, non-partisan study information on Metaxas and his regime (and that is precisely one of the main reasons why for this website to be launched and kept). Even if the author does not provide reasons for this phenomenon, at least he denounces a fact that is as much discouraging as suspicious, and therefore making Metaxas even more attractive for syudy.

The second article is a large and indepth text on the EON, an article worth reading.

February 5th, 2002

Many new pictures added. The new pictures appear on the second gallery in the Pictures section.

January 14th, 2002

The Fourth Of August website has just launched the version of this page for WAP-enabled phones. This way Ioannis Metaxas’ website will also be available wireless.

The wapsite features an article (“Symbology of the Third Hellenic Civilization”) which does not appear on the website, making thus the visit to the wapsite more attractive.

The ADDRESS of the wapsite is different from that via web. Type-in the following URL:


(default page should be https://www.wapdrive.com/andmark/metaxas/index.wml)

(Notice that this is the only URL suitable to be connected by WAP phones, so exclude the index.html, the index.htm or the go.to/4thAugust addresses because they DON’T WORK on wireless platforms).

——–——– 2001 UPDATES ——–——–

December 13th, 2001

Another article, refering once again to the EON (Greek fascist youth organization). On the Links section you’ll find an outlet to Enotita, one of the best Greek/Byzantine nationalist sites out there.

October 28th, 2001 – OXI MERA – METAXAS NATIONAL DAY

As you may have noticed we’ve been removed from our previous host www.freespeech.org due to unknown reasons. Until now I wasn’t able to re-load the whole site unto another server, but here it is again now online. Many news should be noticed: The first thing is that we have a new e-mail account. Our previous e-mail metaxas@lettera.net IS NO LONGER FUNCTIONAL SINCE JUNE 2001. All messages sent unto that address should be re-sent again unto the new e-mail account, which is as follows: ioannismetaxas@mail.gr. So besides a new URL we also have a new e-mail. Second is that a serie of updated have occured coinciding with our re-appearance on the WWW: we now have a message board, the guestbook is also new, an article (article #14) has been added onto the Articles section. The Speeches section has also been updated, so have a look at it.

April 29, 2001 

Our site has been praised and recommended by the Greek Nationalist paper XRUSH AUGH. Click here to see the article.

March 25th, 2001 – INDEPENDENCE DAY

Coinciding with Independence Day (the day commemorating the day the Greek Revolution of 1821 started), you’ll find a little update in quantity yet an important one in terms of quality, as it provides a speech by Metaxas addressed to the Greek workers. It remarks the deep concern of Metaxas in the social and labour welfare at the Greece of his time, something that contributed to the spectacular highlights and main goals of Metaxas’ acclaimed and succesful economic policy.

February 24th, 2001

An update consisting of two new arcticles plus a TRUE HISTORICAL JEWEL: the words Metaxas addressed the chief editors of the Greek newspapers in the outbreak of war with Italy. The two articles (“Short account of the Greek Epopee of 1940″ and “To Kathestos Ths 4is Avgoustou Kai O Ioannis Metaxas”) are to be found on the Articles section, while the third document is available at the Resources section.

——–——– 2000 UPDATES ——–——–

November 11th, 2000 

Another update following last fortnight’s. This time another article, this time written in English. Taken from the U.S. Library Congress, it provides a short, schematic yet clear overview for beginners on the Metaxas era. Access the Articles section to read it.

October 28th, 2000

A new update coinciding with our National Hellenic Oxi Mera day.Oxi Mera means “day of the No” and refers to Metaxas’ replial – a passionate, yet short and freezing “No” – to Mussolini’s plans to enter Greece via Albania. This time a very lyrical update, since it provides three hymns from the Metaxian age. Check the “Resources” section, and then choose “Hymns”. Prepare to be seized by immortal words!!

October 10th, 2000

Many new pictures added! To check them out, just visit the “pictures” section. They appear below the word “NEW!”. Most of them are taken from Kostas Plevris’ masterwork “Ioannis Metaxas: Biografia”. We strongly encourage Greek-reading enabled people to purchase this real masterpiece. And from here we wish to thank Mr. Plevris for having signed our guestbook! It makes us honour. Of course if you any of you have more pictures about Metaxianism which are suitable to appear on this website, just send them to me. You’ll be thanked and credited accordingly for your help.

February 12th, 2000 

As promised on the 4th of February, here is this big update, providing over 10 new pictures from Metaxianism. Just go at the Resources sub-menu and there you will find a section called “Pictures section”. The next update will provide a new large article by me called “The National Socialist régime of Metaxas”, which is the English translation of the article that already appears at this website written in Spanish. This will be in a very few days, so keep an eye on this. All by now, take all care.

February 4th, 2000 

Another interesting update coming after two weeks. You just can’t complain about the activity of this website. Every bunch of days you get cool updates regarding Metaxas and Metaxianism. This update provides however only one new article, but a very interesting one, since it refers to the mysterious death of Ioannis Metaxas. I must say that the next update will be within the next week and will provide LOTS of pictures from the Fourth of August regime, thanks to Michalis Gekas. Stay tuned!

January 20th, 2000

A week has passed since the last update, and here is a nother one. You just can’t complain: weekly updates!! This time is only about graphism. I have added 4 new pictures kindly given my comrade Michalis Gekas. Learn!

January 14th, 2000

Two new articles added (article 8 and 9) and two new pictures added as well.
Till the next!

January 1st, 2000 

Finally our website is ready online!

After some time of obscure work, the first and only website on the Net entirely dedicated to the Fourth of August regime has appeared, and has appeared in the dawn of a Millennium that will surely need people like Metaxas.

Yet being ready and online, this website, however, lacks many improvements. I want to make it really killer, and I expect people to help us. If you have written any article concerning the 4th of August regime or Ioannis Metaxas himself -or are willing to do so- then please let us know so that we can add it at this website. Also if you happen to have pictures or know where to find them, also let us know.

All help is thanked. Help us and become part of the staff.

Until the next update (hopefully soon), my best regards.