eon greece fascist youth sports

Postcard series of the Greek fascist youth organization EON

A number of scanned postcards from the EON series, issued during the 4th of August regime. The main theme of the series is sports and athletics in the Greek fascist youth organization. As it seems from a couple of scans, these postcards were in use until at least 1961. Most of the pictures were taken by the regime’s favorite photographer Nelly.

eon-greek-fascist-bay-leaf-laurel-1 eon-greek-fascist-bay-leaf-laurel-2 eon-greek-fascist-diskobolos-1 eon-greek-fascist-diskobolos-2
eon-greek-fascist-javelin-1 eon-greek-fascist-javelin-2 eon-greek-fascist-parelasi-1 eon-greek-fascist-parelasi-2 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-1 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-2 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-girl-1 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-girl-2 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-javelin-1 eon-greek-fascist-phalangist-javelin-2 eon-greek-fascist-sports-1 eon-greek-fascist-sports-2