Metaxas – conservative, reactionary or reformist?

Ioannis Metaxas has been described as a conservative and as a reactionary force against the reformist activity of Venizelos. But, is that true? The truth is that while in office, Metaxas was responsible for some of the most important and innovative […]

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The Third Hellenic Civilization

In the campaign of Metaxas for a “new Greece”, his attempt to consolidate the shape of the “Third Hellenic Civilization” held a primary place. This concept aimed at the long-term elevation of the Greek race and the fullfilment of Greece’s historical mission […]

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nationale jugend organisation griechenland eon metaxas

Zwischen Tradition und Revolution – Die Nationale Jugendorganisation Griechenlands EON (1936-1941)

Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es aufzuzeigen, wie das faschistoide Metaxas-Regime, das Griechenland 1936-41 nach einer verfassungswidrigen Machtübernahme regierte, mittels einer nach ns und faschistischem Vorbild modellierten Jugendorganisation (EON) versuchte, seinem chiliastischen Anspruch gerecht zu werden. Obwohl die Diktatur Metaxas retrospektiv […]

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Greek fascists

The EON – The Greek fascist youth of Metaxas

Given the limits on his personal power as dictator and a lack of a social base for his regime, Metaxas turned to the example set by the contemporary fascist regimes, deciding that the creation of a youth movement on the […]

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