labour battalions ταγματα εργασιας

The Labour Battalions (Τάγματα Εργασίας)

The Labour Battalions (Greek: Τάγματα Εργασίας, Tagmata Ergasias) was a short-lived paramilitary organization manned by unemployed Greeks during the quasi-fascist 4th of August regime in Greece (1936-1941). It was created as the initiative of Kostas Kotzias, the deputy minister of […]

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Kostas Kotzias – The man behind Metaxas

Konstantinos “Kostas” Kotzias (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος “Κώστας” Κοτζιάς) was one of Metaxas’ closest collaborators. He was born in Athens on 17 May 1892, the son of a famous merchant called Georgios Kotzias. He studied law in Athens and Rome, and worked […]

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Unsterbliches Hellas: The Greek youth through the centuries

Metaxas’s Minister-Governor of Athens, Kostas Kotzias, contributed to a German publication of the year 1938, entitled Unsterbliches Hellas (Immortal Greece), with an article titled “Die griechische Jugend durch die Jahrhunderte” (The Greek Youth through the Centuries). The book was a […]

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