Neon Kratos

To Neon Kratos

to-neon-kratos-logo“To Neon Kratos” (“The New State”) was the semi-official ideological journal of the 4th of August State, through which the regime tried to promote the ideas of its intellectuals on politics, social philosophy, history and art (plastic arts, music, theatre, literature).

The periodical lasted from September 1937 until March 1941 and published 43 issues, totaling 3952 pages. Its director was Aristos Kambanis, while Georgios Mantzoufas and Nikolaos Koumaros were its editors.

Its precursor was the newspaper “Neon Kratos” (“New State”), which was first issued in 1932 and had served the pre-electoral campaign of General Kondylis and had shared his ideas on the corporatist organisation of the State.

to-neon-kratos-issues“To Neon Kratos” reflected the fascistoid nature of the regime’s ideology and it was the main vehicle of the intellectual supporters of the regime and the originators of the various fascist ideas.

Distinguished Greek intellectuals contributed in one way or another to the journal. For instance, the philologist Panagis Lekatsas, the poet Miltiadis Malakasis, the author Ioannis Michalis Panagiotopoulos, the philosopher Evangelos Papanoutsos, the writer Kleon Paraschos, the historian Nikos Svoronos, the lyric poet and playwright Angelos Sikelianos, the painter Nikos Gikas and the actress Marika Kotopouli, among many others.

It’s noteworthy that almost all the important intellectuals of the interwar period, even leftists, contributed texts to To Neon Kratos. Members of the Metaxas government like Konstantinos Maniadakis and affiliates such as the archeologist Spyridon Marinatos, the propagandist Sitsa Karaïskaki or the photographer Nelly also contributed.

The periodical drew on various ideas and experiences from abroad and used them in the creation of a specifically Greek ideology. It was used in the dissemination of official propaganda and as a mechanism for the creation of public consent. The subject matter of the periodical was divided into the two large categories – politics and culture. The articles’ authors were mostly the ideologues of the regime, the members of the government, and various European intellectual supporters of the fascist ideology.

Below you can find an inventory of the 43 issues (in Greek) as well as one issue in PDF format:



«ΤΟ ΝΕΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ – Μηνιαία Επιθεώρησις. Πολιτική – Κοινωνική Φιλοσοφία -ΙστορίαΤέχνη»


Ετος Α΄

αρ. 1 [Σεπτ. 1937],σ.93+3χ.α.

αρ. 2 [Οκτώβριος 1937],σ.[95]-205+5χ.α.

αρ. 3 [Νοέμβρ. 1937],σ.4χ.α.+[209]-305+3χ.α.,

αρ. 4 [Δεκ. 1937], σ. 8χ.α.+[305]-417+15χ.α.διαφημίσεις

αρ. 5 [Ιαν. 1938], σ.8χ.α. διαφ.+139+5χ.α.

αρ. 6 [Φεβρ. 1938]8χ.α.+[145]-253+3χ.α.


Έτος Β΄

αρ.7 [Μάρτ.1938], σ.8χ.α.+[257]-376,

αρ. 8 [Απρίλ. 1938], σ. 4χ.α.+[377]-496,

αρ. 9 [Μάϊος 1938], σ.8χ.α.+[497]-632,

αρ. 10 [Ιούν. 1938], σ.8χ.α.+[633]-755+5χ.α.

αρ. 11 [Ιούλ. 1938],σ. 8χ.α.+[761]-864

αρ. 12 [Αύγ. 1938], σ.[865]-992

αρ. 13 [Σεπτ. 1938], σ.[993]-1112

αρ. 14 [Οκτ. 1938],σ.[1113]-[1216]

αρ. 15 [Νοέμβ. 1938],σ.[1217]-1320

αρ. 16 [Δεκ. 1938],σ.[1321]-[1440]


Έτος Γ΄

αρ. 17 [Ιαν. 1939],σ.[1441]-[1552] Download this issue as PDF 

αρ. 18 [Φεβρ. 1939], σ.[1553]-[1672] + 8σ. ένθετο περιεχόμενα των πρώτων 18 τευχών

αρ. 19 [Μάρτ. 1939], σ. 112

αρ. 20 [Απρ. 1939],σ. [113]-[232]

αρ. 21 [Μάϊος 1939],σ.[233]-[328]

αρ. 22 [Ιούν. 1939], σ.[329]-[416]

αρ. 23 [Ιούλ. 1939], σ.[417]-[496]

αρ. 24 [Αύγ. 1939], σ.[497]-584]

αρ. 25 [Σεπτ. 1939], σ. 64

αρ. 26 [Οκτ. 1939], σ.[65]-[136]

αρ. 27 [Νοέμβρ. 1939], σ. [137]-208

αρ. 28 [Δεκ. 1939], σ. [209]-280


΄Ετος Δ΄

αρ. 29 [Ιάν. 1940, σ. [281]-352

αρ. 30 [Φεβρ. 1940], σ.[353]-424

αρ. 31 [Μάρτ. 1940], σ.[425]-[496]

αρ. 32-33 [Απρ.-Μάρτ. 1940],σ. [497]-[608]

αρ. 34 [Ιούν. 1940], σ.[609]-[688]

αρ. 35 [Ιούλ. 1940],σ.[681]-[768]

αρ. 36 [Αύγ. 1940], σ.[769]-[840]

αρ. 37 [Σεπτ. 1940], σ.[841]- [920]

αρ. 38-39 [Οκτ.-Νέμβρ. 1940],σ. 921-[1000]

αρ. 40 [Δεκ.], σ. 1001- [1064]


΄Ετος Ε΄

αρ. 41 [Ιάν. 1941], σ. ιστ΄[επικήδειος εις Ιωάννην Μεταξάν] + 72

αρ. 42 [Φεβρ. 1941], σ.73-[144]

αρ. 43 [Μάρτ. 1941], σ.[145]-200 + 16 [ΔΕΛΤΙΟΝ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΗΣ ΕΠΙΣΤΡΑΤΕΥΣΕΩΣ αρ. 1, Νοέμβρ. 1940 – Φεβρ.1941] 



– By Andreas Markessinis